CEO/Owner:Tayyab Saeed

About Us​

 Saeed Sons Enterprises(SSE) is a family-owned business in Pakistan. For many years the skills and craftsmanship in the making of falconry equipment have been passed down from generation to generation. We have perfected the manufacture of many falconry-related items. Our Equipment is used by expert falconers all over the world from the Deserts of Arabia to the plains of America. We also provide excellent hunting falcons.

Our Mission

As a intelligent, trustworthy ,creative Goods and Sporting, Saeed Sons Enterprises is dedicated to providing spectacular, skillful and expert Falconry ,Hunting and Sporting Goods with Best Craftsmanship to Provide Highest Quality Goods.

Stay Connected With us

We look forward to providing you with our quality equipment available online. Please contact us for any questions or to inquire about orders and pricing.

 You can find us on the web 24 hours a day at We hope that you enjoy our website.


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